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We value your privacy greatly, visitor, and the privacy statement in this document covers the different categories of personal data you may acquire.


How to apply this knowledge.

When you visit a blog like wishesit, advertising companies that we use as a third party to display ads may use information about your visits to this blog (but not your name, address, email address, or phone number) to deliver advertisements about the goods, products, and services that may be of interest to you via cookies.

Google utilizes cookies to display advertising on our website since (wishesit) uses Google ads as an external cash resource.

This will make it possible for Google to serve adverts to users that are "based on interests" based on their visits to our site using the cookie DART.

Please check the privacy statement for Google advertisements and the content network to prevent the usage of the DART cookie.

logging files

Here it is, similar to most other website servers.


The Internet protocol (addresses, browser type, Internet Service Provider (ISP), date/time, and the number of clicks to analyze patterns) is included in the log file system, which is used.

Additionally, all of this information is kept by us in strict confidence and is only used to improve and develop our website. This process is not intended to gather all of this information to eavesdrop on visitors' private affairs but rather to conduct analytical tasks to enhance the quality of Google's advertisements.

Cookies and network configurations

Google employs cookie technology to keep information about visitor interests coupled with a unique user record in which particular information is stored about the sites that have been seen or visited to build our service and knowledge material. This stage allows us to ascertain the range of visitors' interests and the subjects that are most appealing to them.

In addition, certain businesses that advertise in


You may check the cookies and network settings for our website and for yourself. Among these businesses is Google, which is the first advertiser on our website, and its advertising program, Google AdSense.

Of course, these marketers, who are deemed third parties in the privacy policy, use such data and statistics obtained through Internet protocols to enhance the caliber of their advertisements and gauge their efficacy.

Additionally, by the agreements reached with us, these businesses are permitted to use technical tools (such as cookies, network preferences, and unique programming languages called "JavaScript") for the aforementioned objectives, which are summed up in creating the advertising content for these businesses and determining the effectiveness of their advertisements, without any other targets that might adversely affect our visitors in any way.

Even with your consent and activation to remove these files from your device (cookies), the blog (wishesit) cannot access or manage them, and we are in no way liable for their unauthorized use, should that happen, God forbid.

For additional details on the different practices and actions of the advertisers in this document, including Google AdSense or ad network servers, you should read the third-party privacy policy.

Please click here to study Google's privacy statement for its Google AdSense advertising program.

By using the policy of advertising that targets visitors' interests and websites, data may be gathered for renewal of marketing activity on the Display Network and the Search Network; this option may be disabled from here.

Finally, By the rules of this agreement, we are required to explain to you how to disable cookies. However, you may already do this by adjusting the settings on your browser or by adhering to the privacy guidelines for Google advertisements and the content network.